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The South Australian Certificate of Education is a certificate awarded to students who successfully complete compulsory requirements in their senior secondary education. The SACE is a certificate of completion for secondary education in South Australia and forms the basis for entry into higher education.

The SACE meets the needs of students, families, higher and further education providers, employers and the community. The SACE will continue to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to success, whether they are headed for further education and training, university, an apprenticeship or straight into the workforce.

The certificate is based on two stages of achievement. Stage 1 is normally undertaken in Year 11 and Stage 2 is completed in Year 12. Students will be able to study a wide range of subjects and courses as part of the SACE.

The SACE certificate will be awarded to students upon completion of their secondary schooling.

As part of the SACE students will:
• Receive credits for different forms of education and training including;

• Academic Subjects

• Learning a Trade

• Vocational Education Training

• Community Service (provided they are recognised by the SACE Board)

• Receive A - E grades in every Stage 1 subject and A+ - E- grades for Stage 2 subjects

• Have thirty per cent of their work in every Stage 2 subject externally assessed. This will be done in various ways, including examinations, practical performances or presentations.

To gain the certificate students must earn 200 credits. Ten credits are equivalent to one semester or six month’s study in a particular subject or course.
To be awarded the SACE certificate, students must have completed 200 credits
SACE Year 11 - 12
Useful Websites

General information on these websites can be located by clicking the logos below or can be obtained via the school on 8576 3040

Further information on SACE can be attained via the following information;
Phone: 08 8372 7400
Results: 1800652230 ( free call for country students during the results release period
Email: General -
South Australian Martriculation information (SAM)

At LRCS we are proud to have specialist SACE subject areas where teachers have worked with our students to achieve consistently high results over many years;
English, Mathematics, Agriculture & Horticulture, Biology, Material Products- Metal Work, Material Products- Wood Work, Food & Hospitality, Research Project, PLP, Health, Visual Arts.
We have recently increased our face to face subject offerings to include Outdoor Education and Women’s Studies. At LRCS we work with students to create authentic, personalised SACE plans designed around areas of interest and strength, which may include VET, TAFE or learning a trade as a pathway. We rigorously track and monitor students’ progress, providing them with quality feedback throughout their SACE journey.
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