Lameroo Regional Community School
At LRCS we endeavour to provide learning opportunities to enable students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding across all subject areas so they can apply their learning to help them shape their world. Students demonstrate collaboration, problem-solving and interdisciplinary thinking.
Staff aim to:
give students the opportunity to work on challenging problems and projects
provide hands on practical activities: experiments, use of new technologies, make and create innovative solutions to real, complex problems STEM Design Process
create positive working relationships with local industries and communities
Lesson time is spent by students working as individuals, in groups and at times combined classes. Lessons are differentiated to accommodate the needs of each group, allowing for greater pace and time to concentrate in more detail. Students have the opportunity to peer mentor their classmates and work alongside their teachers. This helps create educational rigor in readiness for their SACE Education. At LRCS we offer SACE Stage 1 subjects in year 10 for PLP, Maths and Outdoor Education.
Secondary Year 8 - 10
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